Knocked for Six

Knocked for Six

And we’re back at the start of another weight loss journey. I’ve been yoyo-ing up and down in weight for as long as I can remember. In recent years it’s been a case of one step forward followed by two steps back. As I get a little bit older and ever closer to forty, I’m realising how much more difficult it gets with each passing year. It’s too serious now, in respect to my health not to deal with this problem once and for all.

This evening I found myself back at Slimming World for my second weekly group, but most importantly for my first weigh-in. I’ve set a target of at least 70 lbs to lose over the course of this year, and suspected my first week would be over the average as it can tend to be on nearly every attempt.

I didn’t stick 100% to the plan this week, I always struggle when I’m in the car and I found this week’s travelling really put some pressure on my diet. That being said my choices were much better when faced with the simple convenient option both in terms of food quality and portion sizing through the week.

Home cooked meals, just like the chicken dinner above, have started to make an appearance and will feature more and more as I grow my confidence in the kitchen. Two chicken breasts, boiled vegetables and a can of baked beans fits perfectly into the plan with not even a single Syn, Slimming World’s chosen currency for treats and off plan foods, recorded for this entire plate of food.

The beauty of the plan is that you don’t even feel like you’re on a diet. If you want a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar or a slice of pizza you have a daily quota of Syns where you can satisfy your craving without breaking any rules and the associated guilt that can come with that.

As I’m male and carrying a lot of weight I’m assigned 35 Syns a day. That gives you a budget you can use every day on items like sauces, gravy, butter, oil or whatever your sweet tooth might crave. Some examples of the Syn value for different snacks are in the images below.

My first week ended with a very pleasing 6 lb loss, I’d been hoping for something around half of that, so was delighted to see the scales showing a much bigger drop than I had anticipated going in this evening. It’s going to be a long road, but delighted with the restart on getting back to basics with my diet.

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