Week 15: Birthday Bumps

Week 15: Birthday Bumps

With my birthday falling over the weekend, I wasn’t planning on foregoing some cake on the day, but knew that I needed to behave myself over the remainder of the week to ensure I wouldn’t have gained weight over the course of the rest of the week.

Week 15 of my Heavy To Health year went to plan for the most part, I’ve been way too distracted by work and other projects over the last few weeks to keep a detailed food diary.

Exercise has once again been virtually non existant this week, focusing primarily on the diet end of the scale. The results of this have been startling. This week’s weightloss was another 0.6 kgs (1.4 lbs) which was a great boost considering the festivities this week.

I’m now down a total of 15.7 kg (34.6 lbs / 2 Stone 6.6 lbs) since I started my weight loss programme. I’m really noticing the difference in my clothes and in my general fitness levels since I started looking after my food a bit more than I had been doing.


My challenge for this week is to focus on keeping a complete and detailed food diary going forward. I feel it’s going to make a massive difference for the week ahead. While I’m making constant progress I feel I could be doing a little bit better each week. I’m also going to be trying to eat my all my meals at home this week, control over the content of my meals should make a big difference.

I’m currently gathering a group of people who want to get rid of that bit of extra timber and we’re forming a facebook group to help each other through the journey. It simply requires that you make a decision that you want to lose the weight. Nothing more. We’ll help you do the rest. Just join the Facebook group here. You can also see my entire food diary in pictures on Instagram @heavytohealthie

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