A Little Catch Up

A Little Catch Up

After some camera issues deprived me of the footage I shot on Day 38, I decided to take a step back from my fast and look at the bigger picture of the last 38 days.

As well as the weight, health and clothes size benefits I’ve had a whole host of good news. Getting longlisted in the “Best Vlog” and “Health & Wellness” in the upcoming Irish Blog Awards which take place in early October 2017.

I’ve been invited to a YouTube Creator Day next weekend in Google HQ in Dublin. 5 small Irish content creators were invited to attend alongside other creators with over 1,000 subscribers.

My podcast ‘The Breifne Earley Show’ is back with it’s inspirational, motivating and interesting weekly guests. The next episode will hit YouTube and iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts on Wednesday morning and will feature Irish YouTuber Clisare.

The growth of subscribers on my own channel from 64 to 230+ is one of the highlights of the last few weeks and if you haven’t subscribed yet, I’d really appreciate it if you could by clicking the subscribe button below this video.

I’m particularly excited with the new school year to be receiving invites from schools to come share my stories of my mental health and my adventures since overcoming my suicidal thoughts seven years ago. I’m also delighted to be invited to speak at the launch of Munster Vales, a new tourism initiative which includes, amongst others, both the Ballyhoura Mountains and the Glen of Aherlow where I spent a few days walking along the Beara Breifne Way back at the start of the year.

If you’re enjoying the vlog series I’d love if you would take a couple of seconds to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the updates direct and first. It’s completely free (forever) and it genuinely gives me a boost every single time someone subscribes.

For those interested you can check out my complete equipment list here

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