Clisare: Episode 22

Clisare: Episode 22

This week I am joined by Clisare, who talks about her rise to the top of the Irish YouTube community.

During our conversation Clisare shares stories about how she was inspired by Jenna Marbles to create content in a similar fashion, starting with a video recreating a music festival in her house as she couldn’t afford a ticket to Oxygen, how living with a decision as a 15 year old to adopt a ill fated nickname which she then couldn’t change has become her identity to millions of people who have seen her sketches online.

She talks about how she made the video ‘Shite Irish Girls Say’ simply to make herself laugh and wasn’t sure about whether anyone else would even find it funny before it simply took off and pushed her unexpectedly into the limelight with national radio and press coverage and she became a national figure overnight with 700,000 views on her video within a matter of days.

She shares the story of how at that time, due to her inexperience, she failed to really capitalise on the coverage but through persistence and dedication she has managed to keep millions of people across the globe laughing at her antics, including hilariously posing as ‘Ireland’ to suggest to her friend ‘America’ that maybe Donald Trump just isn’t the right guy for her.

She also shares the constant online grief that came with The Donald’s supporters becoming aware of her comedy.

The nature of her content has constantly evolved as she herself has grown over the last 6 years and topics like World & Irish Politics and the Irish Language feature albeit usually with her own unique comedic twist.

It’s hard to imagine that any Irish person who’s been on the internet in the last six years hasn’t seen her face in her comedy sketches, her Irish bucket list series or dissing Donald Trump’s boyfriend potential.

What next for Clisare? She recently made her live comedy debut, which she recorded and featured on her channel despite not having watched it back herself, and she has signed up for another go at the live comedy world in the not too distant future, her podcast “Storytime” is booming and the creator has plenty of other projects in the pipeline into the future.

You can find Clisare all over the internet
Snapchat: realclisare

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